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Something for Nothing: Basking in Glory

by G.H. Roberts

I don’t know what I’m doing. Why am I here? Is it right? Am I normal? This is so a bad idea. I told myself I wasn’t going to come here. It was just random thoughts. I was horny as fuck at the time. A few tugs on my pump, release some baby-batter and reason prevails. So why am I still walking toward the fuck-shop at one in the morning? I’m drunk, that’s what it is. I’m drunk. Five shots of Jameson and here I am about to do something stupid. So why don’t I just turn around and leave? Because I have to know, that’s why.

I have to know. I’ve seen too much not to know. YOLO, right? What’s life without a good story? Except I can’t tell this story… to anyone… ever. God this place is so damned bright. Anyone can see anyone coming in here. Just keep moving, don’t stop. Damn, it’s bright inside too! All the videos I’ve seen the place is almost pitch-black. What the fuck? Great, there’s a girl behind the counter, shit! She’s looking at me. She’s cute too. Does she know? Is she judging me? Better play this off. Head over to the right side of the store. That’s right, sweetie, just a drunk lonely guy looking for some spank material. Don’t mind me.

She’s not paying attention. Good, I don’t want her to. Just keep looking at these DVDs. Seriously, who buys DVDs anymore? That chick’s hot. So’s that one and that one there. Yeah, I’d like to knock the dust off that. See? It’s nothing. This is wrong. I’m straight. I dig chicks. It’s pussy for me. Still, when I’m horny I’d jack off to anything, sometimes it’s chicks and dudes, sometimes chicks and chicks… and sometimes guys and guys… and the occasional tranny. Shit! This is stupid, I should go. I should leave. Just walk through the door and go to the diner to sober up. I’ll head home, jerk off, and laugh this away. Why am I going towards the stairs?

Don’t look at the girl on the register, don’t look at the girl on the register. I know she’s watching me. She knew the entire time. Great, guess I’m never coming back here again. Up the steps. I can see the hallway. Oh so NOW it’s dark. I’m sweating. My heart’s beating so fast I’m getting dizzy. Why am I doing this? Shit this hall is narrow. I can hear porn playing in the other booths. Are there people in there? The floor is sticky. I should get inside quick.

Shit it’s tight in here; just a stool, a screen, and a slot for money. They always seemed bigger on the videos. I’m afraid to touch anything in here. Jesus Christ, there’s a box of fucking tissues. Well at least they know what goes on. Okay, so now what? Oh yeah stick the fiver in there. What porn should I pick? Fuck it, this one looks good. Okay, all right.  This isn’t too bad. I can handle my business here and bounce. Crisis avoided.

What was that?!

There’s someone in the booth next to me. I can hear them moving around. That was money going in the slot. What kind of porn are they gonna get? I can hear a guy moaning. Sounds like a blowjob. What the hell am I doing? I got my ear pressed up to the wall trying to hear porn playing when I can see it in front of me. Okay I’m done… hey!

I feel a hand on my crotch. Holy shit there’s a hole, a fucking hole! They DO exist! I should back off but this feels all right. Shit it feels good. Oh shit it’s squeezing me, stroking me through my jeans; sizing me up. I really should stop this. It could be anybody over there. It is nice though. Gentle. Probably a chick. Maybe it’s that girl from the register. Huh? The fingers are tugging at my zipper. This is it. The point of no return. It’s stroking me again but harder. Yeah harder. Fucking God squeeze me again. The hell with it… can’t… get it. There, you want it? Fucking take it.

Oh that’s good. That’s so much better. Shit I’m hard enough to cut diamonds. Fucking pull it. Just like that. Yeah work it. Oh you want my balls too? Sorry, here you go… Oh fuck that’s nice. Yeah play with ‘em. That’s it, mind the step-kids. God I wish I had some fucking lube. Grease this palm and, ooooh my fucking, yeah suck it.

Let me get closer. Right up on this wall. Here let me put my balls through. God yes, lick ‘em. Put ‘em in your mouth. Are they good? You like my sack? Yeah keep pumping that dick. Fuck! Spit on it again. Get it nice and wet. Oh shit! Oh SHIT! Suck me you fuck-shop slut! Yeah pump that precum into your mouth. Fucking belt buckle’s making too much noise; keeps banging against the wall. You’re gonna have to fuck your face with my cock. Aw yeah, you’re fine with that. Fucking right you are. I can hear you breathing almost as fast as I am.

Mmm yeah, I’m gonna scratch right through this damned wall. Your mouth is so hot and so tight. Keep whirling that tongue. Can you take all of me? Don’t stop trying. For God’s sake, don’t stop! Oh that’s tight! Pulling your mouth off my dick. Your lips are pressing so hard all the way up my shaft. Over my head. Fuck you’re sucking my balls out through my co-ah! Oh shit, I just shivered. I fucking SHIVERED! Yeah jerk that cock. Jerk it.

I know what you want. I know it. Put that cock back in your mouth and I’ll give it to you. Damnit, don’t tease me with kisses, put my dick back in your face-hole! Yeah! Fuck this wall! I’ll shove my cock down your throat. I hear you pressing against the wood, your lips at the hole. Yeah, that’s what you are; a fuck-hole. You’re a breathing Fleshlight. Take my cock. Unh! Ungh! Take it! Yeah let it pop out of your fucking face. Hnh! Unh! Unh! Unf! Almost! My leg’s starting to shake. Fucking your mouth! I don’t care if I choke you with it. Unh! Unh! Unh! Ah! Unh! UNH! FUCK!

Yeah, take it. Take it all. You feel it. You feel that cock jumping on your tongue? Can you taste it? Can you taste my cum? Is it good? Do you like it? Get it all. Suck me dry!

I can’t breathe. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. God my legs won’t work. That was… that was… Oh shit! I gotta sit down. My pants are around my ankles. Where are those tissues? The hole is dark. I can’t see anything. I gotta catch my breath. My cock is still twitching.

What happens now? Do I say thanks? Jesus H. Christ I just got my cock sucked by a fucking stranger through a hole in a fuck shop! What the hell was I thinking? Fucking God that was good! Oh shit, whoever that was is moving again. I don’t hear porn anymore.

“Thanks dude.”

A voice in the dark. That was no chick.

YOLO right? What’s life without a good story?

(original story submitted by G.H. Roberts with photos selected by myeroticartproject.)

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Here we have some amazing shots from itllmakeyoushootHe is a lovely guy who loves to fuck his FleshLight and show it off. I was thrilled to get some amazing shots which I loved editing of him.  He knows how to show his body off, and he knows how to fuck his FleshLight.

You can get your new favorite toy from FleshLight, which is marketed to straight guys, or FleshJack, which is marketed to gay guys.

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"That’s it take my cock and slowly tongue the tip.  Suck on the head like it’s a lollipop.  Feel me getting hard? That’s you, baby, you are making me so hard with your cock kisses.  Go on take me all the way in.  Make me hard as a rock.  That’s it look up at me.  I love looking in your eyes knowing how much you love sucking my cock…"