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Here we have some excellent examples of cocks and FleshLights. My favorite is the guy in the middle with his cock encased in a FleshLight, and his ass filled with his Aneros Progasm Ice.  That is an exquisite experience that will awaken you to whole you levels of orgasms.  

You can get your new favorite toy from FleshLight, which is marketed to straight guys, or FleshJack, which is marketed to gay guys.  Visit Aneros to awaken the magic of your p-spot!

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That first time she surprised me with a lubed finger in my ass while she was stroking my cock told me that there was a lot more of my sexuality that was left to explore.  I discovered whole new realms of ecstasy with her and even more without her.

I love the photo here of the facial expression on the guy and then you look down and see him playing with the lollipop in his ass.

Enjoy your ass!

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after-we-lose-everything asked: Can we see some bondage? And also transsexuals.

Transsexual porn really isn’t my thing.  Notthing against transsexuals it just isn’t anything I post.  Bondage isn’t something I really go looking for, but I do think some of it can be extremely hot.  I’m turned on by “loving” control not by pain - so submit some images and links that you think I should edit and I’ll do a set if I think they will work.  

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