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poptop2012 asked: Hey! I deleted my account regrettably and reinstated it but lost all my followers so any help you can give me with getting some back would be appreciated... Thank you and we love your blog!

Hey, folks, see the above and follow away.

(Maybe this will help!) 

Thanks for loving my blog! 

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cumdrippingnickers was my 4000th follower to celebrate I asked her what kind of set she wanted me to post.  She requested a lesbian set.  (We have been a little phallocentric lately, but for some reason guys are always more likely to submit cock shots to me than women are to submit some sexiness here.  Ladies, I would love to see more (and I do mean lots more) of you!) So, cumdrippingnickers here are some of my favorite shots of lovely ladies together for you!


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Here are two guys who are consumed with pumping their cocks into their FleshLights. The top guy is using the FleshLight Flight Instructor Model  and the bottom guy is jacking with IceJack Mouth Model from FleshJack.  This is the toy your cock will love.  Ladies this is the best gift you can get for your lovers.  It tells him to think of you when you aren’t there. 

You can get your new favorite toy from FleshLight, which is marketed to straight guys, or FleshJack, which is marketed to gay guys.  If you are bi you will probably have to go relieve yourself with all the eyecandy you see on both sites. Enjoy!


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